CCNA1 Chapter 7 Practice Test Questions


Which layer of the OSI model is the data link layer?


Which of the following names are used for the addresses used at the data link layer on an Ethernet network? (Choose 3)


How many bits are there in a data link layer Ethernet address?


How are data link layer Ethernet addresses normally written down?


What is the protocol data unit at the data link layer?



Encapsulation at the data link layer involves:




A physical network topology shows:


Which of the following are characteristics of Ethernet? (Choose 3)


Which factors are important when you choose the Layer 2 protocol for a network? (Choose 3)



Which statements about topologies are true? (Choose 2)



The logical topology determines



Which would be the most useful to you if you wanted to check where the network cables run in a building?



What are the two sublayers of the data link layer?



What is defined by IEEE 802.3



What is defined by IEEE 802.2



What is defined by IEEE 802.11



Which media access control method is used on Ethernet networks?



Which is true of the non-deterministic approach to media access control?



Which is true of a token ring network?



A network with a point to point topology: (choose 2)



A link where data can flow successfully in both directions at the same time is operating in:



Why is there more than one data link layer protocol in common use?



How would a host on an Ethernet network detect that there is an incoming frame starting to arrive?


What is the purpose of the frame trailer?



A message is to be sent from a host on an Ethernet network to a host on a remote network. What MAC address does the host use as the destination address in the frame header?



Which data link layer protocol allows hosts to negotiate multilink, authentication and compression options?



What is true of Point to Point Protocol?