SEMESTER 1 Chapter 10             
Planning and Cabling a Network

 V 4.0




What are routers primarily used for?

used to interconnect networks


What does each port on a router connect to?

Each port on a router connects to a different network and routes packets between the networks


What two things can a router break up to improve overall network performance?

Broadcast and collision domains

What does a hub do when it receives a signal?

regenerates it, and sends the signal over all ports


What is the main problem with using a hub?

It shares bandwidth between devices which can reduce performance of the LAN


What are some reasons that hubs are still used today?

Hubs are less expensive than switches. A hub is typically chosen as an intermediary device within a very small LAN, in a LAN that requires low throughput requirements, or when finances are limited.


What does a switch do when it receives a frame?

regenerates each bit of the frame on to the appropriate destination port


What is the advantage of using a switch vs. a hub?

A switch segments a network into multiple collision domains


How can a switch increase performance on a LAN?

a switch provides dedicated bandwidth on each port


What are some factors that need to be considered when selecting devices for a LAN?


Speed and Types of Ports/Interfaces



Additional Features and Services

What determines the cost of a switch?

Features and capacity


What are the factors of a switch’s capacity?

# of ports and speed of ports


What are other factors that affect the cost of the switch?

network management capabilities, embedded security technologies, and optional advanced switching technologies


Why would the cost of purchasing more than one switch sometimes be the better choice than one switch?

A few long cable runs instead of many long cable runs


Describe the process of using redundancy in a switched network.

Add a second or more switches between nodes so that there is not a single point of failure

What are the three questions you should ask when selecting a switch?

Just enough ports for today's needs?

A mixture of UTP speeds?

Both UTP and fiber ports?

What are the factors that need to be addressed when selecting a router?



Operating System Features


What is the difference between a fixed and modular router?

A modular router has expansion slots that can be changed for future expansion. Fixed can not be changed.


List the features and services that can be provided based on the operating system selected.


Quality of Service (QoS)

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Routing multiple Layer 3 protocols

Special services such as Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)


What are the four physical areas to consider when wiring a LAN?

Work area

Telecommunications room, also known as the distribution facility

Backbone cabling, also known as vertical cabling

Distribution cabling, also known as horizontal cabling


What is the total distance that a UTP cable can be per channel?

100 meters


How long can a patch cable for interconnecting patch panels be?

5 meters


How long can the cable be from the wall termination to the computer or phone?

10 meters


What is horizontal cabling?

horizontal media runs from a patch panel in the telecommunications room to a wall jack in each work area


What is backbone cabling?

Backbones, or vertical cabling, are used for aggregated traffic, such as traffic to and from the Internet and access to corporate resources at a remote location.

What are the three types of media we study?

UTP (Category 5, 5e, 6, and 7)




What factors need to be considered when selecting the media to use?

Cable length - Does the cable need to span across a room or from building to building?

Cost - Does the budget allow for using a more expensive media type?

Bandwidth - Does the technology used with the media provide adequate bandwidth?

Ease of installation - Does the implementation team have the ability to install the cable or is a vendor required?

Susceptible to EMI/RFI - Is the local environment going to interfere with the signal?

Define attenuation.

Attenuation is reduction of the strength of a signal as it moves down a media.


What is the major factor that affects attenuation in network cables?

Cable length


What two cost factors must be matched when selecting the media?

match the performance needs of the users with the cost of the equipment and cabling to achieve the best cost/performance ratio


Does a server need more or less bandwidth than a single user?


List in numeric order the easiest to most difficult media to install.

1. wireless

2. UTP

3. Fiber Optic


What are the two forms of interference that can affect the network signals?

EMI- Electromagnetic Interference

RFI- Radio Frequency Interference

What are the EIA/TIA cable specifications for the ends of UTP cables?

568A & 568B

Which pins are used for transmitting in a straight-through cable?

Pins 1 & 2


Which pins are used for receiving in a straight-through cable?

Pins 3 & 6


When do you use a straight-through cable?

When connecting unlike devices


When do you use a crossover cable?

When connecting like devices


Which connections use a straight-through cable?

Switch to a router Ethernet port

Computer to switch

Computer to hub

Describe the ends of a crossover cable.

The transmit of one end connects to the receive of the other end and vice-versa


Which connections are listed that require a crossover cable?

Switch to switch

Switch to hub

Hub to hub

Router to router Ethernet port connection

Computer to computer

Computer to a router Ethernet port

Can modern devices be set so that different types of cables are not necessary?



What are the two types of connectors for the router end of a serial connection?

DB-60 or a smart serial connector


What is the connector at the network end called?

Winchester 15 pin connector

Define a DCE.

Data Communications Equipment (DCE) - A device that supplies the clocking services to another device. Typically, this device is at the WAN access provider end of the link.


Define a DTE.

Data Circuit-Terminal Equipment (DTE) - A device that receives clocking services from another device and adjusts accordingly. Typically, this device is at the WAN customer or user end of the link.


Which end of the cable is responsible for supplying the clock rate?



Which end devices require an IP address?

User computers

Administrator computers


Other end devices such as printers, IP phones, and IP cameras


Which network devices require IP addresses?

Router LAN interfaces

Router WAN (serial) interfaces


Which network devices need IP addresses for management?


Wireless Access Points


What are the three reasons given to subnet a network?

Manage broadcast traffic

Different network requirements



What two calculations are necessary after the requirements are determined?

A unique subnet and subnet mask for each physical segment

A range of usable host addresses for each subnet


What are the different types of hosts on a network?

General users

Special users

Network resources

Router LAN interfaces

Router WAN links

Management access


We will go over these in class.



What are router Ethernet connections used for?

Connecting to LAN


What are router Serial connections used for?

Connections between WANs


What is the router’s console interface used for?

It is used for the initial configuration of the router


What is the security concern involving the console port of a router?

with physical access to the router's console interface, an unauthorized person can interrupt or compromise network traffic


What is the auxiliary port of a router used for?

To remotely configure a router


What device is normally attached to the auxiliary port?



What software is used when configuring a router?

Terminal emulator


What type of cable is connected between the router console port and computer?

RJ-45 to DB-9


What are the serial port connection settings required?

Bits per second: 9600 bps

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None


What do you do to access the router if all connections are made properly?

Hit enter